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The 5th International Symposium on Digital Earth - Bringing Digital Earth down to Earth.

5th International Symposium on Digital Earth - June 5-9 2007 - Official Program

5th International Symposium on Digital Earth - June 5-9 2007 - Official Program

ISDE5 - It's more than a symposium!

NOTE: Program updated Tuesday June 5th, 2007.
The program has been broken into 2 pages Day 1-2 and Day 3-4-5.
Please use the list below to jump to a specific day.

Day 1 - Tuesday - 5 June 2007
Day 2 - Wednesday - 6 June 2007
Day 3 - Thursday - 7 June 2007
Day 4 - Friday - 8 June 2007
Day 5 - Saturday - 9 June 2007

Tuesday June 5th, 2007: Main Program and Concurrent Sessions have been updated! This is the most current example of the program. The website will be updated to reflect these changes in the next 24 hours.

Click link below to view program in progress...
Download Word Doc of Program Here.

Day 1 - Opening Ceremony: Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Digital Earth is a global commons, technology in service of humanity and planet, at its best.
Day 1 is about our learning journey here, and our journey from here...

Registration: from 7:00am, Wheeler Auditorium Foyer
Opening: 9:00am, Plenary, Wheeler Auditorium

World Environment Day Host Nation Welcome
Dr. Berit Johne (Counselor for Science, Royal Norwegian Embassy)
Video message from Gro Bruntland "Our Common Future"

International Society for Digital Earth
Xu Guanhua, (Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, China)

Host State Welcome
Honorable John Garamendi (Lt. Governor, State of California)

UC Berkeley Campus Welcome
Tom Kalil (Office of the Vice Chancellor, UC Berkeley)

The Digital Earth Saga (10:00am)
Dr. Tim Foresman (President, ICRSE, Baltimore, Maryland)

Morning Coffee at Wheeler
Reconvene 10:45am, Wheeler Auditorium

Explorers from Planet Earth; A Retrospection
Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Astronaut)
learn more...

Environment, Conflict, & Peace
Ambassador John McDonald (Pres., IMTD, Washington, DC)
learn more...

Technology for Change
Dr. Doug Engelbart (Director, Bootstrap Alliance, Fremont, California)
Featuring an introduction by Valerie Landau
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Panel from the Future
Participants in the Youth Insight Collaboratory (June 1-3) introduce and interview our distinguished visitors. This is the start of a week long intergenerational dialogue about the planet and our shared future.
Introduced by the Conference Convener, Dr. Glen Lauder (New Zealand)

lunch break
Reconvene: 2:00pm Plenary, Wheeler Auditorium

Challenges - our long journey from here...

Challenges for the Long Emergency
James H. Kuntsler (Author, Sarasota Springs, New York)
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Sustainable Solutions for a Hotter Planet
Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris (Evolutionary Biologist, Author, Santa Barbara, California)
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Questions for reflection
Distinguished visitors and participants from the Youth Insight Collaboratory

Afternoon Coffee at Wheeler
Google Earth; A Commitment to Community
Michael T. Jones (CTO, Google Earth, Mountain View, California)

One Earth, Multiple Globes: Exploring the Earth with GIS
Dr. David Maguire (Vice President, ESRI, Redlands, California)

The Long Song - the Journey of Hope
Greetings from a small island nation on its journey to sustainability. Carl Chenery and the 2006 Digital Earth Youth Voice contingent, New Zealand

Closing: Wheeler Auditorium, 5:30pm move to Pauley Ballroom for Social

Pauley Social 1
Live Music: Bishop Mayfield Jazz (Monterey Bay, California)

Day 2 - Wednesday - 6 June 2007:

Day two of the symposium connects the virtual and social environments.

"We are attempting to bridge two communities; left brain scientist engineers and right brain humanitarian community activist. They don't read the same journals, they don't watch the same television, and they don't go to the same night clubs. But they do live on the same Earth." Tim Foresman

"Inspiration is not garnered from litanies of what is flawed; it resides in humanity's willingness to restore, redress, reform, recover, reimagine, and reconsider. Healing the wounds of the Earth and its people does not require saintliness or a political party. It is not a liberal or conservative activity. It is a sacred act." Paul Hawken

Convene: 9:00am, Wheeler Auditorium

Planet and People

Global Changes for Climate and Environment
Dr. Robert Corell (Director, Global Change, Heinz Center, Washington, DC)
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The International Polar Year 2007-2008 The Big Picture
Rhian A Salmon (IPY Education and Outreach Coordinator) and Matt Nolan (University of Alaska)

Morning Coffee at Wheeler
Reconvene: 10:30am, Wheeler Auditorium

Visual Tales in a Global Story
Panel Convened by Rebecca Moore (Google Earth)

Four case studies present to a panel of global thinkers:

Redwoods Conservation Community Action
Rebecca Moore (Google Earth)

Amazon Indians Protect their Lands and Culture
Mark Plotkin (Amazon Conservation Team)

Exposing "Mountaintop Removal" Coal Mining
Mary Anne Hitt (Appalachian Voices)

Crisis in Darfur
Michael Graham and Matthew Levinger (US Holocaust Memorial Museum)

Kenny Ausubel (Bioneers)
Jim Fournier (PlaNetwork)
Rebecca Moore (Google Earth)

lunch break
Conference participants are welcomed to visit the exhibition space and map out "ideas for the future" together in the Pauley Ballroom, Level 3.

Lunch Program
GIS Brown Bag Lunch (Pauley Ballroom, 1:15pm) Campus and Bay Area GIS community gathering UC Berkeley GIS Dept, CITRIS, and other groups.

Reconvene: (2:00pm, Plenary, Wheeler Auditorium)

Concurrent 1 (Part1): Wheeler Auditorium

Mapping Life -- Applying geospatial tools in saving Biodiversity
Panel Convened by Jim Fournier, PlaNetwork

Dr. Healy Hamilton (California Academy of Sciences)
Dr. Stan Blum (Global Biodiversity Information Facility, GBIF)
Clinton Jenkins (Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences Duke University)

Concurrent Sessions: Break out rooms

International Polar Year
Session Chair: Matt Nolan

Educational Applications and Museums
Session Chairs: Joseph Kerski, Kirk Bergstrom and Prof. Dr. J.L. van Genderen

Technical Session 1
Session Chair:

Afternoon Coffee at Wheeler

Concurrent 1 (Part 2): Wheeler Auditorium

Peace Perspectives and Human Dimensions
Session Leader: Ambassador McDonald

Peace Panel
Kayode Oluokun (Nigeria)
Co-founder of the African Youth Forum for Peace (AYFP) A member of the Youth Insight Collaboratory

Peace Mapping for a Global Community
Afton Beutler presents a paper by Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger (Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Geneva)

Human Rights and Spatial Technology
Lars Bromley (AAAS, Washington, DC)
learn more...

Staying awake in troubled times
Peter Russell, San Francisco

Dr. Lee Schwartz (Geographer, US State Department)
learn more...

Concurrent Sessions (Part 2): Break out rooms

Educational Applications and Museums
Session Chair: Joan Aaron

Climate and Biodiversity Working Group
Session Chair: Jim Fournier, PlaNetwork

Virtual Globes and International Polar Year
Special Domes Demonstrations (Pauley Ballroom)
Session Chair: Matt Nolan

Technical Session 1
Session Chair:

Closing by 5:30pm - move to Pauley Ballroom for Social

Pauley Social 1
Live Music:Kernel Panic (San Francisco, California)

Convene (from 5:30pm-7:30pm, Pauley Ballroom)

Special Dome Introduction

The Mala meal is an experience of earth and spirit. The meal for 108 people, eaten from individually crafted bowls by hand, evokes traditional eating in community and celebrates the sacred in the midst of the modern. People can register individually for the meal on a display on the Message Board located in Pauley.

Thank you for your interest in the 5th International Symposium on Digital Earth. We welcome all inquires at


June 1-3, 2007
Youth Insight Collaboratory - a co-created experiential learning environment for young leaders from around the world.
June 5th 2007
Opening Ceremony - 5th International Symposium on Digital Earth.


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